Why Rumeli

Istanbul Rumeli University was founded on April 23rd, 2015 by Mehmet Balcı. It is located in Istanbul, close to both the center of Silivri and the natural beauty of the seaside. Istanbul Rumeli University has five campuses: Mehmet Balcı campus, Fikriye Balcı campus, Haliç campus, Merter Campus, Bostancı Campus and the Esenyurt campus. Istanbul Rumeli University which was established on 40.000 square meters of land allocates an area of 4000 square meters for its laboratories in the Mehmet Balcı campus. The campus has a library with a wide range of books and resources. In addition to its extensive library, the Mehmet Balcı campus also has an auditorium, lecture halls and social areas.

The university provides education in various disciplines with experienced staff, working in cooperation with both the private sector and state institutions. Smart board and projector equipped classes in conjunction with advanced technology laboratories enable students to receive high quality education both in theory and practice.

Istanbul Rumeli University aims to nurture future generations that will contribute to science, equality, order, productivity, and the well-being and happiness of humanity in every field of life.

The university has a dormitory next to the main building of the Mehmet Balcı Campus. The main building offers a dining hall, a large cafeteria and a canteen. Public transportation is available to the Mehmet Balcı Campus which is located in a convenient safe district in Silivri. Being located in the suburbs is quite advantageous. There is never a dull moment from Silivri to Tekirdağ due to a lengthy 75 km coastline. This coastline has many clean beaches to swim in and natural scenic beauties to enjoy. Moreover, there are also several festivals in the area such as the Yoghurt, Tomato, and Horon festivals which produce colorful images every year.

Snorkeling, scuba diving and windsurfing are some summer outdoor activities available in Şarköy, a district located in Tekirdağ, only 155 km away from Silivri. Transportation is easy by car or by bus. Paragliding is another activity you can do in Uçmakdere which is conveniently 110 km away from Silivri. For those who love nature and organic life, Şarköy and Silivri are famous for herbs such as linden, sage and lavender. In addition, there is also the Barbare Vineyard House in Şarköy if you like wine tasting. There’s a delicious selection of wines for those who wish to visit.

If you would like to get to know the history of the land better and discover traces of the past, the Tekirdağ Archeology Museum is a fascinating option to explore, located conveniently in the city centre of Tekirdağ. When it comes to traditional cuisine, “Tekirdağ meatball” is very famous. It’s made with various kinds of spices and minced beef. Alongside the meatballs, you should also try the delicious seafood. There is also a local dessert called “Hayrabolu Dessert” soaked in syrup, topped with tahini sauce, and decorated with clotted cream of milk and finely chopped walnuts as a finishing touch.

With its unique natural beauty, fresh air, historical places and reasonable prices Thrace or Thracia (Trakya) is a must-see province, especially for students.