About Rumeli

Istanbul Rumeli University

Istanbul Rumeli University is a foundation university in Istanbul was established on April 23, 2015. Bringing the scientists needed by society into the country; raising knowledge, contemporary, equipment, educating young researchers, aims to be the center of excellence are the fundamental goals of IRU.

Istanbul Rumeli University aims to raise the level of education in the country and creating modern civilization and a higher education environment, especially in the health and social sciences in an interdisciplinary focus on understanding and holistic approach, the quality of life is aim to create a positive difference in Turkey.

For this purpose, in cooperation with the private sector, state institutions and non-governmental organizations with its experienced academic staff specialized in the field of Istanbul Rumeli University; It provides universal education in all disciplines, especially medical sciences.

Mehmet Balcı Campus of Istanbul Rumeli University, which has a total area of 40 thousand square meters, 4 thousand square meters are allocated to laboratories. The Mehmet Balcı Campus has a rich content library built on an area of 2000 square meters, as well as a conference hall, an amphitheater, and extensive social spaces.

Istanbul Rumeli University intently follows the most recent innovation all through the grounds. The smart board system in the classrooms, the fact that all laboratories consist of devices and equipment equipped with the recent technology, enhances the communication quality of students in practical and theoretical lessons.

Life in Rumeli

There are classrooms and a library equipped with the latest technology in Mehmet Balcı Campus. Mehmet Balcı Campus laboratories; Oral and Dental Health, Operating Room Services, Anesthesia, Dialysis, Dental Prosthetic Technology, Electroneurophysiology, Physiotherapy, First Emergency and Aid, Audiometry, Pathology and Basic Sciences Laboratories, Child Development Play Workshop, Print Image Workshop, Computer, Photo Studio and Gastronomy Application has rich infrastructure features.

In addition to its central location, it offers opportunities for students to have a pleasant time in their social lives with its proximity to the sea and its natural beauty. There are a 3000-seat capacity football field, volleyball court, carpet court, basketball court (3 outdoor), tennis court (3 outdoor), cafeteria and table tennis, which are allocated to the students of Istanbul Rumeli University. The sports center offers our students the opportunity to use their free time during the day. Istanbul Rumeli University supports the sports activities of students.

From the cafeteria areas to the fitness center, from the hobby section to the green area rest spots, there are all kinds of social areas where students can have a pleasant time.

Hostel Service

At Mehmet Balci Campus, There are girls and boys students hostels to accommodate our students consists of separate blocks. The guesthouse, where 24-hour security service is provided, includes all facilities for students to live comfortably.


Istanbul Rumeli University Main Campus is designed by the architectural the blueprint of Engineering and Architecture Faculty and students. Architectural drawings and projects are completed in a short time. The academic training and education is planned to start in 2020.

The architectural project of Istanbul Rumeli University Main Campus, which was prepared as a result of the meticulous work of academicians, is built on a 200,000 m² plot. The project is in the design phase of building floor area is 27.500m², total construction area of 110.000m², the plant area of 20.000 120.000m² and green areas are separated.

The purpose of the project, which is under construction, serves our students and the public as a campus that is friendly to with nature, self-sufficient, and supporting modern and environmentally friendly educational activities that support sustainable energy consumption.

With this structure, The natural afforestation of the campus started 14 years ago. Firstly Landscaping was completed them suitable consruction was seperated while the project was under construction so it is so extraordinary and valuable.Thus, the landscaping has been made with 170.000 m2 and 45.000 trees. 120.000 m2 closed education, social and accommodation areas are planned.


In the Rumeli University Main Campus architectural project, green areas take an important place. Due to environmental problems and uncontrolled construction, green areas are decreasing day by day. In the face of this situation, which will threaten human health in the future, Istanbul Rumeli University Main Campus is being designed in accordance with the green building concept. In the Campus project, where renewable energy sources will be located, the architectural design of the buildings will be carried out in harmony with the nature. Environmentally friendly Campus project, which will generate its own energy, uses the latest technology in all areas.

Istanbul Rumeli University Main Campus, which includes R&D centers, aims to gather all studies in a single area.


Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, School of Health Sciences, Rectorate Building, Institute Building, Vocational School, Vocational School of Health, Faculty of Education, Administrative Units Building, Library It is planned to include the Building, Guest House, Houses, Social Areas, Dining Hall, Amphitheater, indoor and outdoor swimming pool are in the project of Istanbul Rumeli University main campus which will be located in Catalca in near future.