Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a public or private dormitory?

There is no available domitory available which belongs to higer Education credit and Hostels Instition in our region. There is a student dormitory for our girls and boys next to the Mehmet Balcı Campus. The dormitory, where 24-hour security service is provided, includes all facilities for students to live comfortably.

    * For detailed information about prices: Eda Zora 0533 701 54 51

2. What are the Additional Placement Scholarship Opportunities?

University Entrance Success Scholarship; It is granted to those students who are placed in scholarship quotas of the University according to the results of the entrance examination made by the Evaluation and Placement Center (ÖSYM).

Center (ÖSYM).

Internal Unıversity Performance-based Scholarship

Internal University Performance-based Scholarship; Students, who have completed their associate and undergraduate programs as the winners of the program, are given various scholarships and awards at the end of each academic year with the discretion of the Presidency of Istanbul Rumeli University.

Martyr or Veteran's Children Scholarship

The students who enrolled by choosing undergraduate and graduate programs of our University, Should define themselves as a martyr or war veterans children; in a documentary Turkish Republic so they can get 50% free education.

Scholarships to be awarded to the First High School and Equivalent Schools

High school and equivalent students who showed their preference at the top first 5 students for programs of the associate and undergraduate departments of our university; They are given as 25% scholarship, regardless of the order of settlement, provided that they register for the final.

Sports Scholarship

Sports Scholarship is given to those students who have been elected to the National Team and have the title of national athletes representing our country in international competitions at the rate of 50% and in the form of free education scholarship.

 Encouragement Discounts

Various incentive discounts are applied to the students who will study at our university under the name of “Sibling Discount, PrePayment Discount” and the discount rates vary every year.

Sibling discount: It is the discount type that is allocated 5% to each of the siblings who register to the associate and undergraduate programs/departments of our university.

Prepayment Discount: It is the 5% discount applied at the time of payment if our students who register to the associate and undergraduate programs/departments of our university prefer to pay the tuition fee at once (without installment) and in the form of eft/money order.

3. Under what conditions are scholarships issued?

            - To have received a disciplinary penalty,

            - The scholarship covers the prescribed education period. 2 years in a 2-year vocational school, 4 years in 4-year faculties and departments.

4. Are scholarships combined?

Scholarships cannot be combined. The highest one and a scholarship rate apply.

5. Does the student find the places of the internship?

Students find their compulsory internships themselves. If they cannot find it, department teachers support them in an internship. The practice allows for internships in our hospitals.

6. What are the payment terms?


  • 1. Prepayment and Down Payment Payment Transactions:

The account information that our students and parents who want to make a bank transfer can use are as follows.

Account Name: Istanbul Rumeli University

Bank: Denizbank

Branch: Avcılar Çarşı

Branch Code: 1690

Account No: 13146334 - 352

IBAN No: TR47 0013 4000 0131 4633 4000 02

Explanation: Student T.C. Identity Number + Student Name Surname + Department Name

* In our student collections, down payment of 20% of the tuition fee is collected.

If the entire training fee is paid at one time via eft or money order, a 5% advance payment discount will be made from the relevant training fee.

  • 2. Installment Payment Through Contracted Banking: (KMH Student Installment)

In the KMH Student Installment, 9 installments will be made. Accordingly, the installment type to be applied will be in the form of 1 down payment (20% down payment) +9 installments.

* Students and parents who will benefit from KMH Student Installment must have their Identity Cards along with with their income documents if any.

  • 3. Payment by Installment by Credit Card:

Our contracted debit cards for students and parents who want to pay by Credit Card are as follows. *

- All Bonus Feature cards (via Denizbank)

All transactions for other Debit Cards will be made through the Online Collection system (SanalPos) available on our website.

* After 20% down payment for credit cards is collected in cash, 9 installments are made.

In installments, payment by deed is strictly not accepted.

7. Does the university have Transportation service facilities?

Our university has a transportation service opportunity. The routes of our services are determined in line with the demands to be created.

8. Can we choose associate degree programs that do not exceed the 150 marks for the entrance?

To make a choice, it is necessary to pass the 150 points for the entrance.

9. Do I have a chance to increase my scholarship if I become the top student after I graduate from the university?

Students, who pass the program with the highest marks are given an extra scholarship at the rate defined by the board of trustees.

10. What are the double major and minor opportunities and conditions?

Students studying at our university have the opportunity to make a double major with an average of 2.5, and a minimum with a mean of 2.25 without paying an additional fee.

11. Are there any laboratory facilities and contracted hospitals where we can conduct applied courses?

 Practical courses are held in laboratories with an area of 5 thousand square meters and in hospitals, we have contracts (REYAP).

12. I am a foreign student, what are my conditions for studying at your university?

High school graduates or final year in case the condition with;

  • Foreign nationals
  • Those who have a Turkish citizenship by birth and who have been granted permission to leave Turkish citizenship from the ministry of internal affairs and who document that they have a document regarding the exercise of the rights granted under the Turkish citizenship law of the minor children registered in the Turkish citizenship certificate, (in Article 7 of the Turkish citizenship law number 5901 "(1 ) The Turkish citizen is a Turkish citizen, born in or out of Turkey, in a marriage union from mother or father, and it is useful to examine the Turkish citizenship law of candidates who will apply for acceptance quotas from abroad.)
  • With the citizenship acquired while foreign nationals, T.C. Citizenship / dual citizens in this situation
  • The Republic of Turkey and the TRNC all except nationals of secondary education is completed in a foreign country (except Cyprus, including the entire secondary education in Turkish schools completed in a foreign country)
  • Is a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) citizen; Acceptance of applications for those who have GCE AL exam results who reside in TRNC and have completed secondary education in TRNC and those who have or will have GCE AL exam results by enrolling in and training in colleges and high schools in 2005-2010.

13. What is the language of education and is it possible to prepare?

The language of education is Turkish, and optional preparatory classes are offered to students who wish. At the same time, the students have the opportunity to improve their language by attending English lessons at certain times during their education.

14. Is there an obligation for the attendance?

Our institution, which aims to graduate competent and successful individuals as Rumeli University, cares about the continuity of education. For this reason, attendance is obligatory.

15. Do you have departments that take the aptitude test?

Coaching Education, Recreation and Sports Management departments, which are related to the Faculty of Sport Sciences, will take students with a special talent exam.

16. Is there any possibility of Erasmus?

Our students can go for the Erasmus programs in schools that are facilitated by Erasmus coordinators.

17. What are the documents required to enroll at your university?

  • Student Information Form
  • OSYS Result Document (Internet printout),
  • The original copy of the high school diploma or the temporary graduation certificate with a new date,
  • Copy of identity card,
  • 4 Passport Photos
  • The Military Status Document for male candidates who were born in 1995 and born in previous years, is not a military service to enroll in a Faculty or College to be taken from the relevant Military Office,
  • The original bank receipt showing that he has paid the training fee,
  • Additional Requirements for Civil Aviation Cabin Services, Civil Air Transport Management, and Aircraft Technology Program are as follows:

-Health status should be suitable for flight (they should get a report from the health institutions authorized by the Civil Aviation General Directorate that the health conditions are suitable for flight). Click for the health institutions.

The qualifications are required to perform the CIVIL AVIATION TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT (associate degree) profession:

    1) The candidate students have any present or past Criminal Records or that will prevent the airport from obtaining an entry card.

    2) Receiving a delegation report (hearing loss/deficiency, vision loss/deficiency, etc.) provided that they have been received from a full-fledged hospital in the last 6 months that no health problem would prevent them from performing their job and/or duty.

Qualifications that are reguired for the AIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGY (associate degree) education profession:

    1) Not to have any Criminal Records or Criminal Records Archive Records that will prevent the airport from obtaining an entry card.

    2) The candidate students should receive a delegation report (color blindness, hearing loss/deficiency, vision loss/deficiency, etc.) provided that they have received from a full-fledged hospital in the last 6 months that there are no health problems that would prevent them from performing their job and/or job assignment.

CIVIL AVIATION CABIN SERVICES (associate degree) qualifications sought to perform the profession:

    1) No criminal record or criminal record archive record.

     2) To have a paint between 160 cm and 180 cm for women (weight of not more than 5 kilograms or 15-kilogram deficient weight than the last two digits of the value of height length expressed in centimeters).

     3) For men, to have 170-190 cm of paint (weight of not more than 5 kilograms or 15 kilograms of deficient weight than the last two digits of the height expressed in centimeters).

     4) Health status should be suitable for flight (They should get a report from the health institutions authorized by the Civil Aviation General Directorate that their health status is suitable for flight.)

     5) When the uniform of the cabin crew is worn, it is not possible to wear a tattoo, scar, etc.