Life in Rumeli

University Clubs

Ally’s Garage:

Ally’s Garage was founded, and is supported by, Istanbul Rumeli University to provide students with a unique and uncommon hobby that helps them improve their mental and physical skills, while also providing an environment and opportunity for entertainment.

Ally’s Garage at Rumeli University is the first classic automobile student club in Turkey. In this club, students learn how to put together and assemble different parts of a car. Students receive information, training and workshops on how to restore classic automobiles in practice. After the garage was founded, students began restoration work on classic automobiles. The first vehicle to be restored was a 1967 model Volkswagen. After students completed the restoration, they attended a classic automobile rally in Ankara in June, 2018. Then, they took part in another automobile festival at the Tüyap convention center, in Istanbul. At that festival, Yeliz Bala who is on the board of Turkey’s classic automobile association, praised Rumeli University’s classic Automobile club. She stated that, on the one hand, while they were trying to set up classic automobile student clubs in Europe, Rumeli University had already set a precedent in establishing such a student club in Turkey.

The club organizes live musical performances in different themes and music genres. Acoustic Nights, Karaoke, DJ performances and Hard Rock concerts have been held so far. They organize movie nights twice a week on a giant screen in the student club venue. Moreover, the club also holds competitions. The club’s venue is also used by the theatre club, dance club and music club. Students can also book the venue. The activities of this club have attracted attention from national media sources including Radio Viva, Deha News Agency and Doğan News Agency so far.

Goodness Club

The Goodness Club has been led by students of the department of Social Services. The main goal of the club is to raise awareness and create empathy about social issues.  The club creates social aid/public assistance projects on social issues and problems.

Activities so far:

Last year on “Breast Cancer Awareness” Day, specially designed breast cancer T-shirts were worn on the beaches of Silivri. Ribbons and brochures about breast cancer were distributed. A group consisting of club members flew pink balloons in front of the Önder Yılmaz Theatre to draw attention to breast cancer. Seminars about breast cancer were delivered by experts at Istanbul Rumeli University. At these seminars, breast cancer survivors delivered speeches and personal accounts about what they went through at Istanbul Rumeli University. The letters of women who had breast cancer were also read to create awareness and empathy regarding this illness.

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, students prepared a video to draw attention to the issue of violence against women.

During “Disability Awareness” week, a musical event was performed with a chorus made up of people with disabilities. Students also went to the Turkcell Dialogue Museum to experience “Dialogue in the Dark” and “Dialogue in Silence.” The aim was to experience the lives of blind and deaf people and to arouse social awareness and empathy.

 Seminars about Down syndrome have been delivered. The club has hosted Down syndrome kids at Rumeli University to raise awareness about Down Syndrome.  

Seminars have been organized about Distomatosis/Black Disease at Istanbul Rumeli University where administrators and doctors have delivered speeches.

To raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, an elderly house in which people suffer from Alzheimer’s has been visited. After that, students have joined with older people in planting seeds.

In cooperation with Sıcak Yuva Vakfı (Warm Home Association), clothing and book aids for children were collected.

Communication Club

The “Is your hand a helping hand?” charity organization was founded by the communication club members.  The club communicates with people in intellectual, cultural and social aid projects. For instance, the club has invited the Red Crescent to Rumeli University to gather blood donations. The students have participated in a marathon on behalf of LOSEV (the foundation for children with leukemia). They’ve gathered food for street animals during a workshop day. Cultural trips have been organized. They’ve gathered book donations for children in rural areas. They’ve made videos on particular themes that present social awareness messages. The Tüyap book fair has been visited. They’ve hosted the Karagoz Festival. Karagoz is a milestone of Turkish theatrical cultural heritage. 


Theatre Club

The Theatre club works on performing theatrical plays. They also organize trips for student groups to go see theatre plays. The latest theatre performance was Mücadeleci Kadınlar (Struggling Women), which portrayed women heroes during Turkey’s Independence War.

Aviation Club

They organize trips to corporations such as Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet, and Pegasus. They invite people in top positions in the aviation field to deliver speeches on different subjects in aviation. The club aims to combine theory and practice to enable students to get information directly from the aviation sector and its experts. By bringing students and the business sector together, the club aims to help develop connections.

Music Club

The club aims to perform different genres of music. Students give concerts on special days such as the New Year Party concert, Çanakkale concert and the 29th of September Republic Day concert. Commemoration concerts for Turkey’s great artists such as Barış Manço and Cem Karaca have been held. Genre specific concerts such as Rap, Acoustic, Rock, and Folk were also given at the university.

Travel Club

The Travel Club aims to learn through travel, to spread Turkey’s natural and cultural values, to travel to Turkey’s historical roots, and to improve social and cultural relationships by exchanging ideas, perspectives and culture. As a result, new horizons will open through the knowledge and experience that students acquire through travelling.

In this club, camps are organized every year. Some camping areas are in Donamandira, Bolu, and Çanakkale. Tents are pitched in natural areas. Music is played. Food is eaten. An open air cinema is set up using a projector. Competitions such as tug of war are organized.

Culinary Arts Club

The club follows world cuisine cultures and history of food. It promotes learning about Turkish, Ottoman, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and modern cuisine techniques. The club provides education on food, presents food recipes, organizes taste tours. It has been active in developing ways to spread the culinary arts.

Some contest prizes that have been won: In 2018 two teams from Istanbul Rumeli University attended the International Istanbul Culinary Days competition and won one bronze medal and one silver medal amongst 32 International teams. Cookery program students won one gold medal and one bronze medal in the BUGAD competition in Bursa.


Computer Programming Activities

Exhibitions on Three Dimensional Modelling, Digital Game Design were displayed.

Computer programming department students attended the contests below:

1st place in WorldSEP Hackathon

1st place in Istanbul Hackathon with 5000tl prize.

1st place in Turkcell BiP Hackathon

1st place in Sağlam Kobi Hackathon

2nd place in FIAT Hackathon

3rd place  in AlBaraka Hackathon

3rd place   in Hackathon City Istanbul

3rd place  in Pasaolig Hackathon

Turkcell Special Prize  in THY Travel Hackathon

A Coding Contest has been organized at Istanbul Rumeli University among Computer Programming and Computer Engineering students. 1st place was won by Computer Programming students.


Entertainment Club

The Entertainment Club organizes entertainment activities to provide opportunities for students to entertain and refresh themselves. Student entertainment organizations that have been held so far are the following:

Concerts: Bodrum Youth Festival (Brianna Türk şarkıcıları), Cappadocia Youth Festival, Uludağ Youth Festivals, (attended by famous singers and DJs including Pascal Nauma and Burry Soprano), the Serbia Exit Festival at which International famous artists, singers and DJs attended. Istanbul Rumeli University students attended TV song contest shows such as The Voice of Turkey as audience members.

Trips: Blacksea and Georgia trip, Eastern Express Train Tour which starts in Ankara and passes through Sivas, Konya, Kayseri, and Erzurum Kars.

Entertainment Parties, After Parties, Istanbul, Uludağ, Cappadocia, Traditional Turkish nights in Cappadocia.

Beach party in Bodrum, Happy Hour in Uludağ

Nightclubs in Istanbul, Uludağ, Bodrum, Kars, Ankara, Eskişehir, Tekirdağ and Serbia.

Sports Activities: Skiing in Kartepe and Uludağ , Diving in Fethiye,  İbrice Diving port in the Saroz Gulf. 

Politics and Thought Club

The Politics and Thought Club was founded to create an atmosphere of discussion and sharing ideas by opening doors to participants with different views. The club’s main principle is standing equidistant to every political party or ideology. The objectivity and neutrality the club advocates allows people to find a more democratic atmosphere for discussion. The club organizes conferences on current political issues, panel discussions, symposiums, and discussions on current political issues.

Atatürkist Thought Club

The main goal of this club is to introduce Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, soldier, statesman and reformer, who was the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey. The club also informs people of his ideas based on the principles of reason and science.

Sports and Health Club

The club aims to create a culture of sports and health, to make the significance of preventive health services understood among the public, to develop and maintain activities of different sports branches at Rumeli university, and to conduct projects related to sports and health with other clubs. The club organizes training and trips to different unions, societies, and instutions, along with the physiotherapy club. The club delivers presentations at student congresses about the projects that it organizes. It arranges sports activities for those at disabled and elders coordination centers according to their needs in conjunction with physiotherapy students.

 Societies also established within the Sports and Health Club are:

  • Vatan Special Sportsmen Club
  • Chess Club
  • ÜGFB Young Fenerbahçe Fans Club
  • Ultra Lion University Club
  • Rumeli Eagles Club


Dance Club

The club aims to bring students together to socialize, perfom shows on special days, and represent the university with shows that are performed.The club delivers Salsa, Tango and Folk dance classes. The club organized a special program about dancing on Valentines Day: high school students and Rumeli university students attended the programme. The History of Dance was discussed in the seminar titled “Hip Hop Aşk” (Love of Hip Hop). Afterwards, a workshop was held. The improvisational choreography that emerged during the workshop was displayed afterwards as a show.

The club also organizes projects for disabled people in the People with Mental Disabilities Foundation, aiming to give support and opportunities for socialization in an attempt to prevent isolation and raise awareness about disabled people in society.